Obstructions was released on Friday, it’s the third piece of music taken from the album. This was the very last piece we wrote for the score when we were beginning to feel like there was nothing left to give. We had been writing pretty intensely for weeks and there was just one gap left in the timeline. I remember watching and rewatching that section of the film and thinking that nothing was ever going to come. Creating stuff is a weird process. The common feeling is that you should try not to force it out, give your brain space and inspiration will come, and ideas will fall like massive raindrops after a drought. That is something that happens, and you should be thankful when it does. Because when you’re working to a deadline you don’t have that luxury, and it can feel like you’re pushing your brain against a cheese-grater. The more anxious we were the less we liked the noises we were creating. And then seemingly out of nowhere Gemma found a synth arpeggio from the very pit of her soul and we were off again wondering what all the trouble was about. And then Obstructions was here. It’s warm and pensive, and totally at odds with the trouble it caused. A salve for the brain wounds that created it.