The next track under inspection is ‘Firewood’ It's an electronica getaway song. It sounds like the sun creeping through a crack in curtains or the anticipation of meeting someone you love or the realisation of a great idea. It's the sound of an underdog lifting a trophy. It sounds like drawing a line under something or catching a knowing glance from a stranger or running as fast as you can just for the sake of it.

This track started out as something else entirely. We only had a two month window to write, rehearse and perform this sound track so we needed to be a little bit more militant in our writing approach. We started by watching the film and dividing it up into sections according to scenes and emotions, and then we loosely allocated parts to each other. Once we had played around with ideas separately we’d bring back recordings, and whoever hadn’t worked on a track already would elaborate on that idea.

Writing together in this way has often led us to places we might not otherwise have gone. Even if one of us has brought a full song to rehearsal there is always room for collaboration after that, a song needs to be interpreted, realised and performed before it has any sort of public outing. All three of us are shaped differently according to our feelings and experiences at the time of writing, or even simply by what music we’re enjoying at that time. One person’s response to another’s idea can often shift a piece into a different direction altogether.

I was the last person to work on ‘Firewood’ which was a lovely, twinkly and dreamy piece that flowed into strings and joy. It really was lush as it was but seeing as this was the track soundtracking a train getaway I felt there could be more of a journey about it. To suggest movement I experimented with a few beats with a high top end, I couldn’t decide which I liked best so tried introducing them one at a time using a filter which sounds like you’re emerging from the bottom of the sea. And then all the rest came out very quickly. The kick, the bass, the dancing.

You can listen to ‘Firewood’ now (link at the bottom of this blog). You can also buy the full soundtrack on CD and double LP using the link below. The album is officially out on August 2nd but we’re sending preorders out early as a thank you for being great. We really appreciate your support!