We spent last week squirrelled away at Nottingham Playhouse working with the actors and directors on Emily Holyoake's incredible ADA. We were showing the team our response to the text using music boxes, AI synth blips and glitchy piano work (MY FAVOURITE)

Another strand of the stuff we've been busy with (and the most exciting!) is researching and discovering ways in which electronic performance can be integrated into the stage and set design. Theatre is something that has regularly been shown within live performances, Bjork and Kate Bush are a testament to that. We wanted to turn that on it's head and integrate elements of electronic performance within a theatre setting. We wanted to show that it would be possible to have a set that triggered sound, lights and visual elements from the stage rather than having a separate engineer. Actors wouldn't need to have prior musical knowledge for this to work and neither would there be any musical instruments on the stage. The set and props would be connected to circuits and the actors would release the magic. The team responded really well. It was very exciting. 

The idea that we can make a fully integrated stage set up would mean the possibility of the play not being tied down to a theatre. The hope is that we can get the production in to public spaces, schools, galleries, libraries etc. The design tech and magic used in the play would be the basis for workshops to inspire young people, especially girls, to explore creative tech ideas and find new and brave ways to express themselves. Modern day Adas.

We can't wait to take the play into the production stage, we have offered up a few bits of haiku memorabilia to the kickstarter. Our old accordion and reed organ have been pledged upon already but there are still four out of the five spaces left to join us at the studio when we record the soundtrack and some signed records too. You can pledge here if this is something that interests you: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1354386036/ada